Private customer and supplier network with real trade. Buy and sell, ordering platform, web shops.

what is NoProb ?

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Customer & Supplier Network

with real trade...
Instead of having a network of your


You have a network of...
Instead of looking at


You look at business's

Web Shops


NoProb Solution

FREE customer & supplier order taking platform

Get your business online without having to make that big investment.

Private Network

Businesses work hard for their customers, and we believe it is important to protect this privacy.

noprob is a private network, so no one will see who your suppliers or customers are, it is PRIVATE !


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  • We continually strive to update the system for you by adding more features.

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So what's the catch?


You get a sale

You pay 1% *

It's that simple!

*When you as a supplier make a sale on noprob, then you are charged a usage fee of 1% of the sale (minimum usage fee is 50 cents). If you don’t sell anything, then you will not be charged anything from

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